Monday, January 6, 2014


Just wanted to give quick update!  Things are going well since we have been home.  Today the boys went back to school and Heath headed back to work.  She was so sad to see the boys get dropped off this morning but was very excited to see them come home.  At times it's almost hard to believe we have only had her for 3 weeks.  She is sleeping pretty well at night,  but nap time, well let's not even talk about that.  She does not like to go to sleep at all and so we just do the best we can with the naps.  She is a great eater.  She has learned to climb up the stairs and has ridden her (probably first) riding toy.  She is learning new words every day.  If she is the first one up in the morning, she walks around the house asking about everyone else.  She has learned to tolerate the carseat and loves going outside.  She is still very shy, but has come a long way in just 3 short weeks!
We are so grateful for the prayers and meals and support that we have received over the past few weeks and months.  Heath and I talked about how much we saw God's hand of protection over us while we traveled.  No flight delays, no sickness, no lost paperwork, just to name a few!  We are looking forward to seeing what God has in store for our family this doing year and so thankful for where He has brought us!
I love this song by Hillsong, Oceans.  
"It talks about God calling us out on the waters, the great unknown, where my feet may fail, and there I find you in the mystery, and oceans deep my faith will stand.
And I will call upon your name, and keep my eyes above the waves
when oceans rise, my soul will rest in your embrace for I am yours and you are mine!"

This journey is one of lots of unknowns and yet we continued to trust in His plan for our family. We continue to keep our eyes on our Savior, among the waves!  It has stretched us all and is continuing to draw us closer to Jesus each and every day!

"Take me deeper than my feet could ever wonder and my faith could be made stronger in the presence of my Savior !"

                                 We were making it official at the governmental office!

 She is(was) such a ham in front of the camera

 Leaving Shanghai and headed to Guangzhou, our guides were so kind in both provinces

 She loved shopping!
 Everyone loved the trip to the Zoo
This was in front of the tree in our hotel in Guangzou
 This is the start of some pictures since we have been home!  Teaching her a little War Eagle!

 Loves eating breakfast
 She is finally used to sitting in the car seat
She loved the trampoline, especially with the boys being on there!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!

We are over halfway home from our long journey back from China. Ellie and the boys have done great! As I have been tossing and turning in my seat I have thought about all that has happened over the last 10 days. We have welcomed a new little girl into our family who has captured our hearts. We have been able to experience many firsts with her, just in the past few days. It has been exciting to see her begin to trust us a little more each day. She is quite the little spitfire and rightfully so. We are looking forward to returning home to starting our new normal!
I am very thankful that as we all celebrate our savior's birth today, we are able to celebrate our sweet little Ellie will no longer spend her days in the orphanage. I have so many things I am thankful for today!

A quote from David Platt that I love "We care for orphans, not because we are rescuers. We care for orphans because we are the rescued."

Merry Christmas to you and your family!
Love the Beckham Family

Our last meal in China! Pizza Hut!!

- We made it to LA!

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Monday, December 23, 2013


It has been a busy couple of days with many different appointments. We have enjoyed being able to be outside and the weather has been great. We will be packing up to head home tomorrow!
Here are a few of our adventures!

Her first plane ride!

Shopping for pearls

At the Guangzhou zoo

In our hotel lobby

- She loved picking up the leaves!

She loves these boots!

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Saturday, December 21, 2013

December 20th

Today was filled with lots of exciting things for the Beckham family! Luke turned 8 while we were here. He chose an Italian place for dinner and the hotel brought him a chocolate cake as well as a little box of chocolate goodies. It has certainly been different celebrating in China but the boys have been quite the troopers on this trip.
This morning Heath and me and Ellie headed out early for her medical appt. She did really well all things considered. They just did a general look over on her, height, weight, ear check, and so on. They also had to draw blood for TB test. The woman came and took her from me and closed the door. It happened very quick and she was ready to be done after that. We did that appt with two other Lifeline families who are here getting children. It was nice to visit with some other families.
This may seem like not that big of deal but Ellie sat in a high chair for the first time today! She has been in my lap for every meal up until now so this was huge. She also decided she might like to ride in the stroller rather than on my hip! These are huge strides for her and us today. She is still a little uneasy with Heath but she is happy to let him give her food and wipe her mouth. She is very tidy, she wants her mouth wiped pretty much after every bite!
"Thank God from who all blessings flow!"
The Beckham family

First time in a high chair!

Her medical appt!

The cake they sent Luke!

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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Leaving Shanghai

We have had a busy few days here in Shanghai! Today we are headed to Guangzhou. We are continuing to learn more about Ellie each day. The past couple of days have been filled with many different appointments and a trip to the orphanage as well as her finding spot. She has been quite the trooper!
In China you are not allowed to give your child up for adoption so many of the infants are left somewhere so that they may be found. Our sweet guide brought us some of the dirt from her finding spot this morning. She said in China they believe that if you leave China you should take a piece of the earth with you and it will help you stay well in your new place.
When I think about everything that has happened in just 4 short days I am overwhelmed with emotion. We love this little girl so very much and I am so grateful God has called us to be her mom and dad and a part of our family!
She is warming up to the boys! This morning when they came to our room she just lit up! She even was willing to give up her snack to hold Luke's hand. She can say mama and dada and tries to say Luke and John Henry! She does not want to ride in the stroller but loves to push it. She is a great eater. She loves having a bow in her hair, even after her bath she wants to have her bow back in her hair. She is also quite the little helper. She loves things tidy and likes to put them back where they came from. She especially like to have her face and hands clean when she is eating. We all think it is adorable because she just turns to me even if just a speck is on her mouth and wants it wiped. We are getting more and more smiles out of her throughout the day!

"God takes me by the hand and takes me straight out of the hard place and into the beauty on the other side. He whispers for me to be thankful, that even this will be for His good." Kisses for Katie

We are seeing so much of His beauty!!

Worn out after all our stops!

On the streets of Shanghai

Getting ready to take off!

- Leaving Shanghai!

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Monday, December 16, 2013

Some things we are learning about Ellie

Yesterday was a big day! Ellie did great all things considered. I have to keep reminding myself and the boys that she is seeing and doing some of these things for the very first time. Not to mention this family who she does not know, or look like has taken her away from all she has known. Let's not forget we don't speak the same language! She is doing well through it all!
Some things we have learned about Ellie are:
-she does not like her hands to be dirty (it just makes me laugh b/c my boys were the same way and I have a tendency to be kinda crazy about hand washing)
-she likes to have a bow in her hair
-she helps you when you are dressing her and putting her shoes on
-she still takes a bottle several times a day
-she can say "mama, dada", and tries to say John Henry and Luke
-she does not want me out of her site or really out of my arms
-she is a great eater. We ate dinner in the hotel resterant last night and she let me feed her some rice and such. Then they brought us out a plate of fruit and she used her

hand and ate one of everything! The boys just giggled!
She slept with me last night and hardly moved. Today we have to go back to the same office we went to yesterday and finish up more paperwork. Thank you for all your prayers! It has been an emotional journey for sure, but we are so grateful God has called us to be Ellie's mom and dad!

"We aren't called to save the world, we aren't even called to save one, Jesus does that. We are called to love with abandon." Kisses for Katie

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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Ellie Beckham

We got her!! She was very upset when her nanny handed her to us. Thankfully it was a pretty short process! She is doing better since we have been back in the room. I think she has had her picture made before, because when I took my phone out she just gave me the biggest grin!

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Location:Fuzhou Road,,China