Saturday, December 21, 2013

December 20th

Today was filled with lots of exciting things for the Beckham family! Luke turned 8 while we were here. He chose an Italian place for dinner and the hotel brought him a chocolate cake as well as a little box of chocolate goodies. It has certainly been different celebrating in China but the boys have been quite the troopers on this trip.
This morning Heath and me and Ellie headed out early for her medical appt. She did really well all things considered. They just did a general look over on her, height, weight, ear check, and so on. They also had to draw blood for TB test. The woman came and took her from me and closed the door. It happened very quick and she was ready to be done after that. We did that appt with two other Lifeline families who are here getting children. It was nice to visit with some other families.
This may seem like not that big of deal but Ellie sat in a high chair for the first time today! She has been in my lap for every meal up until now so this was huge. She also decided she might like to ride in the stroller rather than on my hip! These are huge strides for her and us today. She is still a little uneasy with Heath but she is happy to let him give her food and wipe her mouth. She is very tidy, she wants her mouth wiped pretty much after every bite!
"Thank God from who all blessings flow!"
The Beckham family

First time in a high chair!

Her medical appt!

The cake they sent Luke!

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