Monday, December 16, 2013

Some things we are learning about Ellie

Yesterday was a big day! Ellie did great all things considered. I have to keep reminding myself and the boys that she is seeing and doing some of these things for the very first time. Not to mention this family who she does not know, or look like has taken her away from all she has known. Let's not forget we don't speak the same language! She is doing well through it all!
Some things we have learned about Ellie are:
-she does not like her hands to be dirty (it just makes me laugh b/c my boys were the same way and I have a tendency to be kinda crazy about hand washing)
-she likes to have a bow in her hair
-she helps you when you are dressing her and putting her shoes on
-she still takes a bottle several times a day
-she can say "mama, dada", and tries to say John Henry and Luke
-she does not want me out of her site or really out of my arms
-she is a great eater. We ate dinner in the hotel resterant last night and she let me feed her some rice and such. Then they brought us out a plate of fruit and she used her

hand and ate one of everything! The boys just giggled!
She slept with me last night and hardly moved. Today we have to go back to the same office we went to yesterday and finish up more paperwork. Thank you for all your prayers! It has been an emotional journey for sure, but we are so grateful God has called us to be Ellie's mom and dad!

"We aren't called to save the world, we aren't even called to save one, Jesus does that. We are called to love with abandon." Kisses for Katie

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  1. I'm so glad things are going so well! What a beautiful and amazing looking family! God is good! Merry, Merry Christmas! I love looking at all the pictures!